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The Lita and Trish Collision Course
- Where the Two Best WWF Divas Collide! -

Born: Aug. 18th, 2001
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Hey everyone, and welcome to (yet another) new and improved Collision Course!! I hope everyone enjoys this new look! I thought the site had been up long enough to get a new layout on it!

My apologies go out to anyone who couldn't view my site during the past few months. Check out my -Updates- and see what's going on!

Anyways, feel free to browse around the site a bit, some things are moved around... some things are in the same spot.




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This site is in no way affiliated with Lita (Amy Dumas) or Trish Stratus, I am not either of them.. nor do I know them. All the graphics on this site were made by Angelina unless otherwise noted!