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March 5th -- I added 2 new Awards you can go and vote for the site in! :)
March 4th -- I added 1 new Site Awards you can go and vote for this site in!
March 3rd -- Added the auto-code for the AIM Icons, so they're directly put onto your AIM. I also added the "Credits and Thank You's" page under the "other" section, and a new Lita link and affiliate!
March 2nd -- Changed the layout! What do you guys think? I also changed the format on the pages, fixed a broken link in the affiliate's section, took out 2 of my campaigns (the Men's Asses and the Don't Try This at Home.. no one was joining), I added up the rest of the Trish pictures, added AIM Icons under both the Lita and Trish section and I added 1 new Award I won!!
Feb. 27th -- Added a new Affiliate!
Feb. 26th -- Added the Awards I Won section, as well as the Link Me.
Feb. 24th -- Added the new Awards you Can Win! Check them out and go apply! Or even re-apply if you want! I just realized I never had a Link Me section.. I think I'm going to add that tomorrow, as well as the awards I won!
Feb. 23rd -- Did I mention how much I hated Envy? They decided to sell themselves, without consoling me, and the new owners did a bunch of crap to the site. So, for a good month or so I couldn't access any of my files, and at the time I didn't have them saved to backup! So anyways, my friend helped me figure out how to get my files back, so I saved them all, packed up and moved to Tripod. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my own domain name going for me so don't have to go through this crap. Anyways, the "Awards I won" won't be up for awhile, it's the only page I couldn't recover. I'm also looking to making new awards and new links to me. Maybe even a new layout if I get bored enough! :)
Jan 28th -- Envy is working FINALLY.. anyways.. I did a new layout again!
Jan 15th (again) -- Added 1 new Campaign I joined! Oh, I added a new SOTW too.. for those of you seeing the site WITHOUT the banner there, it's cause she hasn't sent me one yet, but it should be up shortly!
Jan 15th -- Added 2 new joiners to the DTTAH campaign and the Attitude Confessions, and 3 new members to the I Kick Men's Asses and More than Eye Candy Campaigns!
Jan 12th -- Added 1 new joiner to all my campaigns! Thanks Ice! =o)
Jan 10th -- Added 1 new Award won!
Jan 9th -- Added 1 new Other Link, 1 new Attitude Confession, and ALL of Trish's pics (as promised!)!
Jan 8th -- Well, welcome to the GRAND opening of The Lita and Trish Collision Course vs. 2.0! After I made the previous update, I realized that there were 2 things I forgot: Lita's pictures and Trish's pictures. I actually got Lita's up yesterday, but my internet connection botched out on me and won't let me upload cause it's connected too slow. I'll get TRISH'S pictures up by the end of tomorrow. I'll get my modem fixed by then! SO: BARE WITH ME! :) ENJOY THE NEW SITE!
Jan 6th -- I put the finishing touches on the site, and it's now open and running! I wanted to let everyone know that I made new campaign and support banners.. and new awards! Feel free to get or apply for the new ones if you'd like! Enjoy! :)