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Credits and Thank You's:

- Well, of course I have to thank Lita and Trish. Without them doing the great things they do, and being the great people they are this site would not be possible! I enjoy turning on the television every Monday and Thursday night in hopes of watching them perform. Thanks guys!!

- Falcon: I owe a lot to this girl. She's the greatest friend. Without her, I don't know what I'd do! She's helped me judge my layouts, helped me figure out how to set up sites, I used one of her background designs on this layout, and of course I stole her idea on how the text set-up should be on the main page. : ) The cool thing is, she lets me do that AND she's a wonderful friend! Thanks hun - yah know I love yah and I owe you a lot!

- WWF: This should be a given. Without the world wrestling federation, this site would not be possible. Thanks for keeping me entertained all these 15-some-odd years!

- Nova: When it all boils down - this girl is entertaining! LoL! Thanks for letting me rag on yah all the time! :)