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Real Name: Patricia Stratigias
Also Known As: ..Trish Stratus..
Date of Birth: Unknown
From: Toronto, Canada
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 pounds
Finishing Move: Modified bulldog
Famous Quote: "I know what people want to see. A little T... and... A."

A big wrestling fan herself, it seemed inevitable that this Canadian girl would eventually find herself in the wrestling spotlight.

Trish Stratus was discovered in Toronto while working at a gym. She was approached about doing a photo shoot for a magazine, and accepted. Since 1998, she's been featured in a number of fitness and modeling publications including Muscle Mag International, the Fitt Health Journal, Oxygen magazine and the UK's Optimum Health and Fitness among others.

In 1999, Trish got her foot in the door as far as wrestling is concerned by joining Live Audio Wrestling as a co-host. From there, the WWF and WCW both took an interest in her, and both offered her contracts. Trish opted to accept the WWF deal, stating that her decision stemmed from the fact that she was simply a big "mark" for the WWF and it would be a dream come true to appear on a WWF broadcast. Following her signing, she underwent wrestling training under the tutelage of Ron Hutchison, the same man responsible for training the likes of Edge, Christian, Johnny Swinger and Tiger Ali Singh. She then waited patiently while the WWF worked on getting her a work visa to allow her to work in the United States.

On Tuesday, March 14, Trish Stratus made her WWF debut as part of a Sunday Night Heat taping, which aired on television on March 19. Her initial appearance saw her scout both Test and Prince Albert, and she immediately became their manager (with the team being named T and A) the following week on Raw.

In just a short time in the WWF, Trish Stratus has become one of the company's hottest attractions. The looks, the voice, the love of the business; Trish's future is limitless in the World Wrestling Federation. Now, Trish has broken away from T'N'A and all 3 members have gone their seperate ways, but ocasionally, we see Trish wrestling, or doing skits!