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Full Name: Amy Christine Dumas
Birthdate: April 14th, 1975
Birthplace: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Residence: Sanford, NC
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135 lbs

"Remember this... Although timing in life is EVERYTHING, memorable moments in history don't just happen! Do Something---Stay Positive!"-Amy Dumas. Amy Dumas has done just that. She has given women around the world a role model to look up to. In the short time she has been with the WWF, she has won the respect and gained the attention from her fans and peers. With her firey red hair, shoulder tattoo and high flying acrobatics in the ring, she is the future of ladies wrestling.

Amy Christine Dumas was born on April 14, 1975 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida While in high school, she took up swimming and practiced judo competitively, she also joined a band called 3 Card Trick, she played the bass guitar. She was a roadie for a band a year before she got intrested in professional wrestling. She stayed in Atlanta for a year to attend college. She then moved Washington D.C., then on to Richmond, VA., where she resided for three years. Her friends watched wrestling and Amy almost at once dismissed the sport as being "stupid". She caught eye of the Luchadores from Mexico on the television one night and was immediately intregued by their wrestling acrobatics. Amy began saving up her money to head down to Mexico in 1998.

Amy flew down to Mexico by herself. She didn't know anything about wrestling schools or the business. She got to Mexico, booked a hotel, bought a newspaper and found out where the lucha libre was located. Amy got by on a limited amount of money to her name. She used her high school level Spanish to get her through conversations with people down in Mexico. That didn't stop her from making a name for herself while she was down there. She kept showing up at the arenas every night. She was there for six weeks when they finally allowed her to do guest spots on their shows. They also allowed Amy to do a managerial spot, but she really wanted to get into the ring. Her money was close to running out, but since she had stuck it out and proved she was dedicated, they told her they would train her if she came back. She went back to her home in the states and saved her money again before she once again headed back to Mexico.

Lita spent three weeks in Mexico, where she learned to take bumps and perform manouvers in the ring. Once more, she ran out of money and headed back to the states with more knowledge in the sport. She went to Chicago and trained at Steel Domain for a week. She was running lower and lower on funds, but she was so hooked on wrestling by this time that money was a second thought in her mind. She gained more training in the sport, after that was when Amy started working the indy scene. While working with Mid-Atlantic NWA, she met the Hardy Boyz. She began talking with them, and they offered her to come down and train with them. While working indies in North Carolina, she would go to the Hardy's on Sundays to train. Amy was approached by Paul Heyman and she was offered a deal with ECW in early 1999. Heyman made it clear that he wanted Amy to perform as a valet only. July 18, 1999, Amy, then known as Angelica, got her first pay-per-view exposure at ECW's Heat Wave. She aligned forces with Danny Doring that night. Amy got involved with Jazz, another ECW female performer, but she was not satisfied with her involvment in ECW. ECW star Rob Van Dam introduced Amy to Dory Funk and his wife. They started up a conversation with Amy. Funk saw something he admired in Amy and offered her an invitation to go to his training camp.

At the camp, Amy trained with 23 guys. Dory Funk treated her no different than the other guys, at Amy's request. Amy quickly gained respect from the other guys at the camp and graduated from The Funking Conservatory in August 1999. September 19, 1999, Amy made her final ECW Pay-Per-View appearance. She briefly brawled with Jazz at Anarchy Rulz. Dory Funk and his wife began compiling old videos they had taken of Amy and sent it to WWF Talent Relations. The WWF thought Dumas had talent and dedication and later offered her a contract without even watching her in a try out match. Amy worked her first dark match with Essa Rios (then known as Papi Chulo), landing a moonsault after Essa did one on his opponent. From then on Amy gained the respect of her peers. Lita made her first WWF Pay-Per-View appearance with Essa Rios on April 30, 2000.

It wouldn't be long before Essa would turn his back on Lita. She began costing him a couple of matches. Essa became enraged with Lita. After a loss to a member of the Hardy Boyz, caused by Lita, Essa dragged her into the ring and belittled her in front of the crowd. Essa threw her outside of the ring. Matt and Jeff Hardy came back down the ramp to her rescue and she began dressing like them in the following weeks. Matt and Jeff had not only found a new manager, but a new friend. On August 31, 2000, after a feud with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsly, Lita won the Women's Championship Title only to lose it to Ivory two months later.

Dean Malenko has had his eyes on Lita for the past few months. Asking her out on dates, only to get turned down flat. Malenko then challenged Lita to a Light Heavyweight Title match with a small stipulation added. If Dean won, Lita would have to go out on a date with him. At the end of the match, Malenko put the clover leaf on Lita, getting the win and snagging himself a date with the red haired beauty. They went out to dinner and Dean thought he was going to get more than just dessert. Lita went to a hotel room with him, where he was surprised by the Hardy Boyz who beat him up and left him in the room. Dean is still pursuing Lita, while she insists that he is disgusting.

Amy has the kind of dedication that is strong. Her personality is magnetic, in or out of the ring. One must admit that she has gone beyond what other women have done for the world of wrestling. She is making a break through for many up and coming female stars. Lita has already taken the WWF by storm, and one must feel that the weather isn't clearing up anytime soon.

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